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How Stickybeak helped Rugby Pass determine global market sizing


Market sizing

A strong indication of the size of each market allowing appropriate resource deployment


A strong empirical case for the potential of Rugby Pass when it was sold to Sky for $40 million


7% of US males categorised themselves as Rugby fans

The Client

Rugby Pass is the world’s biggest online destination for rugby fans, offering news, analysis, highlights, podcasts, live match tournaments all in HD.

The Challenge

Rugby Pass wanted to assess the size of the UK and US Rugby markets prior to deciding what level of market entry it wanted to commit to. Tim Martin, CEO of Rugby Pass said; “We operate in a category where there are very, very few reliable data points related to audience size and appetite. Broadcasters don’t share that info, and because no one else has ever done what we’re doing in rugby - we can’t borrow their info, we need to make our own.

The Approach

Rugby Pass used Stickybeak’s nationally representative sample surveys in the US and UK to help make these assessments.

“Being able to directly ask rugby fans what they think and how they currently purchase and indulge in their passion online has been really helpful,” said Martin.

The Result

Determining the size of a consumer market has never been so inexpensive or so fast.

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Knowing we can survey worldwide from our desktop, targeting rugby fans in pretty much any market in the world is massively helpful in deciding where we invest and how we go to market there.

Tim Martin

Rugby Pass