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“One of the things I love about Stickybeak is that every respondent is sourced fresh for my survey and almost certainly answers the poll on their phone while they are doing other things, which to my mind makes their responses that much more unfiltered and so more reliable.”

Johnny Bentwood
Global Head of Data and Analytics, GOLIN

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Messi or Ronaldo?

Possibly the most famous image from the FIFA World Cup 2022 was Louis Vuitton’s portrait of Ronaldo and Messi engaged in an unlikely chess match on a trademark logo’d valise. As a piece of influencer marketing it was as well judged as it was big budget. So which of our pensive pugilists is more popular?

Stickybeak asked people on social media in the UK, USA and host country Qatar to get a feel for how this sort of activity plays in different markets.

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“Stickybeak’s ability to reach pretty much any consumer segment anywhere in the world and return test results within days and at low cost has been very helpful to us in our mission”

James Chen

Klook – Head of Comms

“Stickybeak helped confirm our internal confidence in the campaign and was instrumental in providing key customer insights. We couldn’t have surfaced these as quickly, and easily using anything else”

Ashvin Subramanyan

Dole Asia Pacific

“Stickybeak gave us the unique ability to reach across the world with tight budgets and timeframes. I’m sure they will make up a core part of our testing toolbox as we look to the future.”

Vicky Houssiere

World Health Organization