So, you want feedback from consumers. The question is, how do you get it?

Social media recruitment with Stickybeak means quick feedback from real consumers anywhere in the world.

Beth Owens
April 18, 2024

For years, the best option was turning to an agency to recruit respondents from a research panel. Traditional panels still offer brands fantastic insights (that’s why Stickybeak also offers panels as part of our toolkit!) But there are a few pitfalls, like: 

  • Participants don’t always represent the broader population.
  • Panels can use the same participants too often, leading to ‘panel fatigue.’
  • People participate for the rewards, rather than to provide insights.

But in the early 2000s, something miraculous arrived; a way for brands and researchers to connect with more consumers, more easily. We call it ‘social media.’ 

A whopping 62.3% of the world's population now uses social media, with 4.5 billion people logging on every day for an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes. That’s a lot of consumers at a marketer’s fingertips–IF you can find a way to harness those users effectively.

After integrating with Meta and TikTok in 2022, Stickybeak boasts access to the world’s largest ‘panel’. Our consumer testing solution can tap into any country, region, or city where social media has a presence–which is (nearly) everywhere!

Social media recruitment with Stickybeak means quick feedback from real consumers anywhere in the world, so you can:

 ✅ Effectively localise your messaging for different markets

 ✅ Test packaging, creative, and messages with ease

 ✅ Understand your audience’s shopping habits 

Social media recruitment offers AMAZING audience insights because:

Social media is available in nearly every country on the planet

The best thing about social media’s ubiquity? Brands can test their concepts globally; all they need is the right toolkit. 

With Stickybeak’s massive pool of respondents and DIY testing templates, brands have everything they need to test their creative and messaging–no matter where their audience is.

Zespri, world's largest marketer of kiwifruit, used Stickybeak to test their campaign messaging in not just one, but SIX different markets. This allowed them to see which messages resonated with which audiences, so they could adapt before launching.

“Stickybeak allowed us to quickly and cost-effectively test our brand messaging in six future markets for Zespri. I found the platform intuitive to use, and found the chat-like interface an engaging and different way to gather consumer insights."
Denise Zhuang, Global Market Research Manager for Zespri

Everyone uses social media

Newsflash: Social media is no longer the hip new kid on the block. These days, everyone and their grandmother (quite literally) is using at least one social media platform. The trick is knowing which platform your audience spends most of their time on.

Numerous surveys have highlighted how different demographics gravitate towards different social platforms. A lot of under 30s won’t be seen dead on Facebook, but make up the biggest share of users on TikTok and Instagram. 

So, if Gen Z is your core demographic, this is where you want to focus your consumer testing efforts. With Stickybeak, channels for social media recruitment are chosen based on which consumers you want to reach. Only want to talk to consumers on TikTok? We can make it happen!

People use their phones for everything

We all know that phones are no longer ‘phones’. These days, we’re more likely to use our devices for shopping, banking, or hailing rideshares than actually talking to people (seriously, how often do we even pick up anymore?) 

We’re accustomed to navigating different applications using a bunch of gestures; tapping, double-tapping, typing, and so on. Just think how Tinder brought very different connotations to the term ‘swiping!’

This is why our Stickybeak tests are designed to ‘harness the power of the thumb.’ Think fun colours, straightforward questions, and enticing graphics that make you want to tap and swipe.

Social media advertising is key

Brands forked out a collective $268 billion for social media advertising in 2023 alone. As social takes up a growing share of marketing budgets, knowing whether your chosen campaign will resonate with your target audience is crucial. That’s why you test it first

With Stickybeak, you can test your campaigns on the very channels they’re destined for–and with the very audiences you’ll be targeting.

First impressions really do matter

First impressions aren’t simple judgments. They reflect our honest feelings about different inputs; places, people, products. This is why tapping into those initial gut reactions is essential for brands to receive genuinely valuable insights.

Stickybeak’s tests are sweet and straightforward, with simple questions designed to capture that knee-jerk response–what we like to call the ‘truthier truth!’ 

Social channels are the last to go down - and the first to come back up

Think about the last time you experienced a social media outage. It may have  been X (likely!) Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Slack. It certainly sparks an existential crisis about ‘what would we do without these platforms?’ 

Repeated outages make it difficult for social media companies to foster repetitive behaviours (scrolling, swiping, etc.) So, there’s a vested interest in social platforms being resilient to disruption and quick to get back up and running. This reliability is a massive advantage when it comes to any type of consumer testing. You can launch your survey and feel confident that it won’t get derailed by circumstances outside of your control.   

By working with Stickybeak, brands don’t need to figure out how best to tap into this goldmine of consumer feedback; we do it all for you! All Stickybeak consumer feedback tests are:

Optimised for mobile. Reach consumers on the devices they use most, with the least interruption.

Social media native. Recruit consumers from the very channels where your marketing ends up–anywhere in the world.

Fun to complete. Our tests are conversational and engaging, so respondents enjoy their interactions and give genuine responses.

We can connect you with over 4 billion consumers, thanks to the power of social media. You can target 200+ geographies with our self-service tool, or tell us who you’re trying to target, and we’ll do the rest! Find out more about audience targeting with Stickybeak here.