Stickybeak opens up to TikTok

Stickybeak starts recruiting respondents to polls on TikTok as well as Meta giving it access to the world’s biggest market research respondent pool.

Written by David Brain
August 22, 2022

Stickybeak, the leading conversational research and testing platform, said today that it has started recruiting respondents to client polls on TikTok as well as its established business on Meta giving it access to the world’s biggest market research respondent pool.

Meta, through Facebook and Instagram, gives Stickybeak customers access to 3.8 billion potential respondents. Whilst there is significant overlap, TikTok’s 1.2 billion users mean Stickybeak polls can very quickly be completed in the remotest parts of the world or with the most niche and specific interest groups.

Stickybeak has been polling via TikTok for two months in test phase and will now open up the world’s most engaged and fastest growing social user base for clients looking to gain insights or test new products, creative or messaging.

Stickybeak CEO Anna Henwood said: “We’re delighted to be polling on TikTok as well as Meta and already our customers are seeing faster responses and an even better ability to target specialist niches.

“Traditional panels of professional respondents are limited in number even in the most advanced markets and so the ability to target a niche like parents in the Philippines or elderly Romanians is very limited, slow and enormously expensive. Panels also simply don’t exist in many markets so when, say, the World Health Organization wants to test messaging across the world, Stickybeak is by far the best option,” she added.

“TikTok’s 1.2 billion users in 150 markets and regions on top of our Meta audience means we have by far the world’s biggest potential pool of poll respondents which means our customers get better insights, faster”.

“TikTok has a very diverse and engaged community that tend to spend much more time on the platform and we have been really encouraged by how fast they respond to requests to answer our short polls.  Our conversational and messenger-like format fits with their social experience and in not much more than a minute they can complete our ten question polls and be in to win cash or donate to charity.

“As brands rush to work out how they play in the TikTok world, we are helping some clients to test their content before they commit big media spends in what is a very different platform to the social networks that came before it. We’ve discovered this for ourselves already in the style and tone of our TikTok recruitment ads which are quite different to the ones that work on say Facebook”.

To learn more about using Stickybeak via TikTok and Meta, email