Three trends In influencer marketing

If you’re thinking about using influencers or ambassadors as part of your communication mix this year, you’re not alone.

Written by Stickybeak Marketing
January 30, 2024

The influencer and creator economy is on the rise, with 44% of marketers planning to increase their investments in the coming year according to a recent report

So what’s new and what should you look out for?  Here’s three trends:

1. Many in the industry are moving away from relying solely on follower count as a measure of success for influencers - engagement metrics are becoming more critical.

2. While short-form videos remain popular, there is a resurgence of longer-form content, driven by consumer demand for more in-depth insights and connections - the perception that younger audiences can only focus on quick content is changing.

3. There is growing interest in social commerce, particularly with the recent debut of TikTok Shop. Social commerce sales are expected to steadily rise meaning you can directly affect sales as well as brand now.

But whilst some things change, some remain the same and the key thing with influencers is to make sure they fit with your brand and with your consumers and don’t forget you can test that in minutes with Stickybeak for as little as $350. 

You can test up to four potential influencers to understand how they rate with your target audience. You set the criteria - whether it’s relatability, credibility or otherwise.

Possibly the most famous image from the last FIFA World Cup  was Louis Vuitton’s portrait of Ronaldo and Messi engaged in an unlikely chess match on a trademark logo’d valise. As a piece of influencer marketing it was as well judged as it was big budget. So which of our pensive pugilists is more popular?

Stickybeak asked people on social media in the UK, USA and host country Qatar to get a feel for how this sort of activity plays in different markets.

Here’s what they said:

So if influencer marketing is not part of your mix this year, maybe it should be and if you want to quickly test what influencer is right for your brand give us a go.