The joy of testing with travel company Klook

How travel experience company Klook takes nothing for granted in its mission to bring joy to travellers.

Stickybeak Marketing
May 25, 2023

Hong Kong-founded travel experience company Klook has come a long way in nine years.

What started as a web site, became an App, raised investment of $720 million, spread through Asia then Europe and beyond and is now a ‘unicorn’ company (worth over $1billion) and committed to helping travellers make the most of their travels and enable more moments of joy.

But to bring someone joy, you have to know what they like.

Which is where Stickybeak has been helping.

Recently Stickybeak was asked by the team at Klook to test some new product ideas; the best way to position them and finally some tactical creative options.

Klook’s core customer profile of 18-35 year olds with an interest in travel was targeted in five countries where their propensity to travel in the next year, the type of experience they were looking for as well as the key brand proposition - what brings you joy - was tested.

Once this was established, positioning for those product areas was tested and finally two creative propositions.

“Inspiring and bringing customers joy is something we take seriously at Klook”, said James Chen, Head of Communications.

“And as we have got bigger and expanded across Asia Pacific and the world, that has meant more and more testing so we do not take for granted or make assumptions about what brings customers joy when they travel.”

“Stickybeak’s ability to reach pretty much any consumer segment anywhere in the world and return test results within days and at low cost has been very helpful to us in that mission”, he added.


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