How message testing can help you do more with less

How to test your marketing messages to get your messaging right in today’s superfast marketing environment

Stickybeak Marketing
April 2, 2023

“We need another campaign, more quickly for no more money, and don’t get it wrong!” Sound familiar?

No one thinks marketing is getting slower and that means marketing teams are having to act more quickly.

No one thinks that there are less channels or consumer touchpoints than in the past and that means marketing teams have to do more.

And no one thinks that budgets and resources are bigger at the moment.

So we have to do more, more quickly for no more money and still get it right!

Which is where testing and message testing comes in.

In the past when creative content appeared on a few traditional media channels and that creative lasted for six months, it was possible to test messaging. Marketing teams had time and the budget for testing was small given the amount to be invested in, say, a national TV campaign.

But now, with creative being produced for more channels more often for comparatively smaller ‘on-air’ times, traditional consumer message testing is disproportionately expensive and slow.

But the need for message testing remains. Stickybeak customers tell us the main reasons are to:

  1. Ensure the message resonates with the target audience: Consumer message testing helps brands and companies understand how their target audience will perceive and react to their message. This helps them ensure that the message resonates with the intended audience and effectively communicates the desired information.
  2. Refine messaging for maximum impact: By testing different versions of messaging, brands and companies can refine their message to ensure maximum impact. Testing can help identify the most effective wording, tone, and format for the message to achieve its desired impact.
  3. Avoid costly mistakes: Consumer testing can help brands and companies avoid costly mistakes by identifying potential issues with their messaging before launching a campaign or PR initiative. This can help prevent negative reactions or unintended consequences that could harm the brand's reputation or bottom line.
  4. Increase campaign effectiveness: Consumer testing can help brands and companies increase the effectiveness of their campaigns and PR initiatives by identifying the most effective messaging, channels, and timing for reaching their target audience.

Overall, consumer testing helps brands and companies ensure that their messaging is effective, resonates with the target audience, and achieves its desired impact.

Happily Stickybeak consumer message testing is incredibly fast (a couple of days and sometimes even hours) and incredibly inexpensive (think hundreds not thousands of dollars). And it can be done anywhere in the world, for just about any interest group in any language.

Seriously, we’ve tested messages and copy about two-stroke oil with motorcyclists in Kuala Lumpur; health claims about bananas with young mums in Manila and zero waste messages on zippable plastic bags in Wisconsin.

So even if you are producing content at lightspeed, give us a try if you’d like to test before launching.