How Essano screened their ideas with their consumers

When your R&D team comes up with nine ideas for NPD, how do you identify the real gems without blowing your annual research budget?

Stickybeak Marketing
June 25, 2024

A dilemma for New Zealand natural beauty company essano.

“Too many good ideas is obviously a great problem, but it’s still a problem that my marketing team and I have to solve”, said GM Marketing and Innovation Sarah Koppens.

Sarah Koppens GM Marketing and Innovation

“So we Stickybeaked it”.
“They helped us to create an ideas screener testing format with each test pitching 3 different ideas to consumers and requiring them to first select the most appealing idea, followed by then telling us if they’d actually buy it – or if it was the best of a bad bunch!   We ran 3 tests like this and this within a couple of days we had our results”
“The Stickybeak platform enabled us to not only rank the ideas from most appealing to least but to also run filters by age groups to spot if ideas had broad or targeted appeal, helping us to see how best to position them as we built the winners out into fuller concepts and ranges.
“The verbatims provided some richness and texture around what was driving the consumers’ responses – so some pretty good qualitative feedback for us to work with too.”


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