How does Stickybeak incentivise people to respond?

Apart from a Stickybeak survey or test actually being a fun way to get feedback, we've got a innovative incentive program too.

Written by Stickybeak Marketing
October 12, 2023

Good question and one we get asked a lot.

The short version is respondents can choose between going into a lucky dip or donating the value of their lucky dip ‘ticket’ to Oxfam.

The slightly longer version is that because the vast majority of our consumers are sourced via social media we have a unique reward system.

Social media sourcing means we have the widest and nichiest (not a proper word but it should be) respondent base in the world.  

We can get to more people in more markets than any standard panel and we can get to really specific consumer niches.  Anywhere.

And all our respondents are real consumers and not regular and professional survey or test respondents and that means, we believe, that you get a truthier truth because you are asking real people as they go about their daily lives - just as they do when they make most consumer purchase decisions.

These aren’t professional question answerers sitting behind their screens going through multiple questionnaires a day.  They are all fresh to your test and your test alone and we have no ongoing relationship with them (unless they want one).

But all this does pose a challenge of rewarding them.

So we give them an option of going into a lucky dip worth $200 or donating the value of that lucky dip ticket to Oxfam.  

About three quarters opt for the lucky dip and they go into a digital hat which is then drawn from every month.  We aim to pay out $70 per every 1000 respondents.

We then contact them (they have to give up their email to take part in the lucky dip) and try to pay them their ‘winnings’.

We say ‘try’ because this is sometimes hard as people are very wary of scammers these days.

If we don’t succeed in giving out the full amount of lucky dips each month we convert them back into donations and then we pay that amount to Oxfam.  

Either way, we give away 2% of our gross profit to respondents or Oxfam.

Oxfam has been our charity partner for four years now. We chose them as they are a global charity and one of the few with brand recognition and programmes running in every region of the world. This means our respondents are more likely to recognise them and their work.

And of course the money goes to some amazing programmes and we are very happy to be the conduit of our respondents' generosity to these causes.