Going on gut feel can be nuts

James Crisp used Stickybeak to test the best new flavours for a new Graze Skinny Dipped launch, ensuring their choices aligned with consumer preferences.

Stickybeak Marketing
June 18, 2024

How snack food company James Crisp used Stickybeak's rapid consumer testing as part of their flavour profiling for snack food brand Graze.

When your brand promise is “GOOD SNACKS”, getting the next flavour for your market leading range of Graze Skinny Dipped nuts is pretty important.

“We make these sorts of decisions all the time and whilst we have a pretty good gut feel for our consumer, it obviously helps to test directly with them”, said Kylie Tipene, Marketing Manager at New Zealand food brands company James Crisp.

“Our Graze Skinny Dipped Almonds and Cashews have been a huge hit. We had a number of potential new flavours for our new Skinny Dipped Peanuts range and wanted to ensure that we were launching the flavours with the most appeal.” So, we turned to Stickybeak and tested eight flavour options with consumers. From this we were able to rule out some flavour options quickly”, she added.

Kylie Tipene, Marketing Manager at James Crisp

“Having consumer test results to hand reduced Product Development time, ensured alignment between our marketing and sales teams and was invaluable for retailer discussions.”
“Stickybeak’s consumer testing platform gave us results incredibly quickly and their AI based summary of verbatim feedback supplemented the hard data with really useful anecdotal evidence of why people liked the flavours they did”.


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