Feeling the squeeze: Global cost of living crisis felt sharply

A new Stickybeak poll showed that 63% of all respondents are feeling either some or severe financial pressure in the current inflationary environment.

Written by Kerryanne Nelson
October 13, 2022

Over 50% of Americans surveyed say that they’d need to earn an additional 50% or more to feel financially comfortable or secure in their lives - with only 14% saying they are currently feeling secure.

In the UK and Australia, 37% of both groups say they’d need to earn another 50% or more to feel financially secure, while 28% of Australians and 32% of UK respondents  saying they’d need to earn another 25% more for financial security.

Of the three regions surveyed, financial security was highest amongst Australians, with 24% saying they feel comfortable, followed by 20% of UK respondents, and 14% of Americans.

Source: Stickybeak poll, August 2022

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