Don’t ponder product packaging, poll it instead!

James Crisp used Stickybeak's rapid consumer testing to choose the best packaging for their new Graze product, ensuring it appealed to both loyal fans and the general public.

Stickybeak Marketing
June 12, 2024

When it comes to marketing, there are so many decisions to make, sometimes it’s nice when you get a helping hand.

In snack food mad New Zealand, where healthy snacking options proliferate by the week, standing out at point of sale can make a huge difference. So when food company James Crisp had three packaging options for their new Skinny Dipped Peanuts launch, they decided not to guess. Graze Skinny Dipped nuts have been a huge success for the company and their latest range was about to join a market leading line-up.

Marketing Manager Kylie Tipene advised “We were on the fence with the three packaging options and we could not make up our mind.”

Kylie Tipene, Marketing Manager at James Crisp

So they turned to Stickybeak where they polled general consumers, with a subset of brand aware consumers, to ensure they got results that spoke for existing fans as well as the general public.

“We had one clear loser and two with similar positive feedback, but the great thing was being able to make that final call with our retail partner.

"Stickybeak’s consumer testing platform gave us results incredibly quickly and their AI based summary of verbatim feedback supplemented the hard data with really useful anecdotal evidence of why people liked the packaging options they did."

Stickybeak's rapid consumer testing puts your positioning, messaging, packaging, creative and content in front of consumers anywhere in the world and returns results within hours, not weeks. Designed specifically for marketers, you can confidently run your own tests in minutes and the pricing won't blow the budget. Don’t guess, test! 


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