HLML #1: Creative learnings too late

Anna's Hard Learnt Marketing Lesson (HLML) on campaign optimisation before your media budget is all gone.

Written (ranted) by Anna Henwood
September 28, 2023

While my lovely colleagues are referring to my hard-learnt marketing lessons (HLML's) as 'Anna-rants', I'll try to make this one not sound grumpy.

Today's hard-learnt marketing lesson (mistake) you don't have to make too? Campaign optimisation before your media budget is all gone.

And no, I don't mean campaign optimisation in the CRO, teeny tiny edits kind of way (full respect to you amazingly detailed people by the way), but in the "what parts of this campaign creative are working and what parts aren't" bigger picture kind of way.

Many many times I've relied on Meta and Google to tell me this via A/B tests and lift studies - and while it was lovely information, it was pretty much always after I'd spent all of my media budget. So here I was, with a bunch of learnings on how my campaign can be better, when my campaign had ended.

What I'm loving seeing our customers do now (and wishing I personally knew about earlier) is the power of pre-testing your campaign elements - whether it's the offer, headline, CTA, visual style or any one of those important details that needs to go into your campaign creative brief.

So if you want to make your brief even more awesome, get in touch!

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