Consumer testing - the cure for corporate blindness

Sometimes the greater the company or brand you work for, the harder it is to avoid marketing blindness.

Stickybeak Marketing
April 7, 2023

You know the condition. Everyone is so focused on getting the product made or the service delivered that the consumer or user gets a bit lost. No one means to, but corporate cultures and the power of internal logic are powerful juju. 

Your company doesn’t have to be a cult to make you susceptible to this, even though as a marketer your job means you of all people have an eye on the customer.

Brand tracking helps, but these studies are big and slow and often only annual or periodic events and consumer sentiment can move much more quickly.

Which is where snap consumer testing can be the answer. 

For hundreds, not thousands, of dollars you can test to see how consumers respond to that range extension idea that is consuming more and more colleague and agency time, or that packaging hypothetical that has sneakily almost got to production.

But not doing consumer testing happens all the time because in marketing we have less and less time and the demand for more and new is increasing. And the temptation is just to talk amongst ourselves in the name of efficiency or alignment or because we have a hundred other things to do.

Stickybeak consumer testing can give you a snapshot of what people anywhere, and for just about any interest group, think. Even if it confirms your hypothesis, you are then able to move more quickly and more assuredly, safe in the knowledge you are on the right track.

In some ways, Stickybeak consumer testing is the cure for the gut instinct of ‘five guys in a room guessing’ or these days, ‘five guys on a zoom guessing’.

It’s quicker and cheaper and more representative than a focus group. In fact here is how it fits in:

So if you think you may have a touch of marketing blindness (or you think your colleagues or boss does), then contact us for a demo.


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