The classic Marketer's dilemma

Find out how pre-testing your offer can lead to the biggest sales month ever

Written by Stickybeak Marketing
October 1, 2023

You’ve got to come up with a Black Friday deal but how best to show value to your consumers?

Like many FMCG companies, New Zealand based James Crisp was very well used to supplementing product and brand value with discounts and special offers through its retail and wholesale partners.

But after going online and selling its market leading Graze range of healthy snacks direct to consumers for the first time new opportunities arose, but what did people value?

They decided to participate in Black Friday, even though this was not a big tradition in New Zealand. 

Kylie Tipene, Marketing Manager at James Crisp Foods

“Sales promotions and deals and discounts can have a short term impact on sales, but they can also get new people involved with the brand so we decided to give it a go” said Kylie Tipene Marketing Manager at James Crisp.

“We had in mind a discount value of around $10 on our snack products, but we didn’t know if it was best to deliver that as ‘free pack of Skinny Dipped Almonds valued at $9.99’, ‘20% off on a purchase of $50' or more or a straightforward '$10 off purchases of $50 or more'?”

Obviously they are all the same value, but which motivated our customers most?

So very quickly they tested all three propositions with Stickybeak.

"The interface is so easy and the consumer gets a binary choice between the options all served up as an A versus B which makes it super easy and even fun.

With Stickybeak, results were obtained within hours, and we could move forward with confidence that we have the correct mechanic to maximise sales results."

And the proof was clear.

“The tested promotion saw a lift of 190% in sales and an increase in orders of over 130%... our largest sales month since launching 8 months ago. I highly recommend Stickybeak for speedy research that delivers actionable results."

Who wouldn’t want a deal on a Skinny Dipped Almond?

Stickybeak rapid consumer testing puts your positioning, messaging, packaging, creative and content in front of consumers anywhere in the world and returns results within hours not weeks. It’s self service so you don’t need an agency and pricing starts at $350. Don’t guess.  Test!