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COVID-19 communications concept testing for the World Health Organization (WHO)


5 markets

Surveys launched in multiple languages across USA, UK, Brazil, India, and Russia.

Concept testing

Feedback received on visual stimuli, clarity of message and shareability.

Results in hours

Respondent results were available within hours of launch.

The Client

World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health.

The Challenge

When the WHO was looking for innovative ways to communicate around COVID-19 they contacted NZ media agency Daylight Creative. And when Daylight was looking for innovative ways to test some of their early communications concepts they contacted Stickybeak.

The project involved fielding a short survey in 5 countries: USA, UK, Brazil, India, and Russia. Budget was limited and timeframes were tight.

The Approach

Stickybeak helped design and build a survey focussed on concept testing.

Respondents were presented with various iterations of text and visual stimuli and asked to assess clarity of message and shareability.

Where necessary surveys were fielded in local languages to achieve maximum accessibility, and the short surveys (Stickybeak’s “sweet spot”) made multiple translations highly achievable within short timeframes.

The Result

Results were amongst the fastest Stickybeak has ever achieved - perhaps a testament to the overwhelming relevance of COVID-19 to respondents around the world.

Within hours the survey had closed and results were being processed. Stickybeak worked on custom reporting to ensure that surveys from different countries were directly comparable.

While results showed some stunning similarities in the way that COVID-19 communications material was processed, valuable differences were highlighted too - an important reminder that one size might not always fit all!

“Stickybeak gave us the unique ability to reach across the world with tight budgets and timeframes.

At such an important time to get public health messaging right, the opportunity to test ideas and concepts quickly and easily will make a meaningful difference to the work we produce.

Having seen how simple it was to field a survey and obtain useful insights in a matter of just a day or so, I’m sure Stickybeak will make up a core part of our research toolbox as we look to the future.”

Vicky Houssiere

Communications Officer