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Helping The Spinoff surface national public sentiment during a global pandemic



Monthly reader polling is fed into the editorial planning and commissioning


30 pieces of editorial, keeping The Spinoff at the heart of the most important national debate


To highlight consumer attitudes to topical and classically irreverent Spinoff topics like reality TV

The Client

The Spinoff has become New Zealand's most successful new digital media companies.

The Challenge

The Spinoff wanted to get closer to its readers and measure public opinion during the Covid-19 pandemic, giving them a range of data for reporting throughout lockdown, subsequent border closures and vaccination rollout.

The Approach

"We instituted a series of national representative polls to track public sentiment to the health, social, political and business impacts. The polls were very well-read, with multiple story streams flowing out of each, and well-priced enough that we kept them going throughout the pandemic," says Duncan Greive, Founder, The Spinoff.

The Result

The Spinoff published nearly 30 stories based on seven Stickybeak polls throughout the year of Covid giving them the biggest and longest running data-set of public opinion in New Zealand to this unique and traumatising global event.

Understanding public compliance and attitudes to the biggest impingement of consumer rights (lockdowns and tracking) since the second world war was clearly an important story and not much short of national service. Stickybeak polls helped put The Spinoff at the forefront of those national conversations.

The best thing about Stickybeak is its accessibility. For our staff, it means time can be spent where it's most needed – on formulating and creatively concepting survey areas and questions.

For respondents, it means that completing the survey is fast, fun and engaging.

All this means that we survey more frequently, and thus have both more content to work with, and more data on which to base our decisions.

Duncan Greive

The Spinoff


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