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How NZ SAAS business Parkable turned insights into business confidence


1 in 3

Parkable had improved workplace culture for 1 in 3 respondents

Record breaking sentiment

97% of client employees want to keep using Parkable

Large scale data

Over 500 employees were surveyed and analysed

The Client

Parkable is a park sharing SAAS platform for finding short-term or monthly parking, listing space to earn money, and managing your employee or visitor parks.

The Challenge

Parkable had an opportunity do some research around the deeper cultural impact of ‘park sharing’ as they reached their 50,000th platform share. The company helps businesses to make better use of their existing resources and encourages a more fair and equitable work culture. They wanted to understand customer sentiment toward their platform and features.

The Approach

Parkable used the Stickybeak platform to further understand the value Parkable was bringing to workplaces, and employees - where the aim was a rich understanding of user sentiment.

The Result

The simple, conversational-style survey design meant they received high engagement from respondents and uncovered valuable information. One of the core findings was that 1-in-3 respondents confirmed that their work culture had changed for the better and was more equitable as a result of using Parkable.

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The surveys we conducted were simple and fun to set up, and provided us with massively valuable data and insight for our sales and marketing teams.

We’ve now taken this data and turned it into a cross-channel data- driven marketing campaign. It’s helping us to reaffirm our confidence as industry experts.

We were so happy with our survey completion rates, compared to other survey tools, and think this is due to the well-designed Stickybeak interface. The product is intuitive and it’s a pleasure to use”.

Wyoming Paul