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From setback to success: My Food Bag's gluten free comeback


Local feedback

My Food Bag got consumer feedback from a large NZ audience through direct engagement with the gluten-free population.

Quick results

Consumer feedback within 48 hours to support decision making.

Brand check

The relaunch of the Gluten Free meal kit ensured alignment with core values and effectively resonated with the target audience.

The Client

Launched in 2013, My Food Bag was New Zealand's original meal kit, and proud to help New Zealanders solve the problem "what's for dinner?". 11 years on, and now a household name - listening to their customers continues to be a cornerstone to how they evolve and adapt their product to meet the ever changing needs of Aotearoa.

The Challenge

Earlier in their journey, My Food Bag worked with Coeliac New Zealand and introduced a My Gluten Free Bag for its customers who were frustrated that they couldn’t find meal kits to suit their dietary needs or had to constantly substitute ingredients. However, last year when they moved to an automated production line, they were unable to maintain their gluten free protocols and had to reluctantly remove their gluten free offering. However they were determined to work out a way to relaunch this product as soon as they could - and ensure that they created something that was even better than what went before.  In addition to desktop research and asking their current customer base, My Food Bag wanted to reach the gluten free population at large in New Zealand and ask them directly for feedback.

The Approach

My Food Bag designed a test with Stickybeak to dig into the appeal of a meal kit that would cater to people who have specific food intolerances and allergies. By including a question on the dietary requirements the household is currently buying for, they were able to filter responses across a range of food requirements and learn more about their experiences with meal kits.

The Result

“Stickybeak was so easy to use and very fast in getting us the answers to some simple questions we wanted to understand from New Zealanders and how they navigated food shopping with specific food allergies and intolerances. The research was useful in helping us shape the opportunity for bringing back our popular Gluten Free offering.” Anya Saikkonen, Head of Marketing.

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