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How Les Mills International aced Cyber Week!


A major opportunity to get right

Testing which offer was highly motivating and testing which creative grabbed instant attention

1 market

Targeted 25-44 year olds in the USA

3 offers, 3 creatives concepts

A/B testing to see which resonated and best captures attention

The Client

Les Mills International (LMI) is a global phenomenon in the fitness industry. With customers in over 100 countries, it’s renowned for its innovative at-home workout app and cutting-edge exercise classes, which have revolutionized the way people approach fitness and achieve their goals.

The Challenge

‘High season’, which runs from December until January is when 40% of fitness subscriptions are traditionally purchased. Needless to say, it pays to get it right. Which is why many marketers in the fitness industry use ‘Cyber weekend’ as a live testing period to refine their offers.

The LMI marketing team approached Stickybeak to test both their offer ideas and creative execution ideas to have the best offer possible ready to test over the Cyber period. 

The Approach

Using Stickybeak’s proven test templates, LMI uploaded three different offers and three different creative concepts to ask consumers which offer was most motivating to purchase, and which creative concept best grabs their attention. As always, Stickybeak asked respondents ‘why’ they chose the option they chose so the team could have a more nuanced understanding vs just a score.

LMI targeted 100 respondents aged 25-44 living in the USA, with the option to compare gender for a deeper understanding of these two target consumer segments. Respondents were recruited from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Messenger. 

The Result

Given consumers are bombarded during Cyber weekend with offers, it’s essential to quickly help your target consumers understand who your offer is for and what category you’re in. 

What was clear from LMI’s testing with Stickybeak was that while all three offers were strong, one stood out, particularly among males. 

The creative concept also had a clear winner - the option showing someone working out vs bold, bright colours. This suggested to the team that in a competitive landscape when you’re vying for your consumers’ attention, being super clear about what you’re offering is key to success.

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