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How Fourflax explored new horizons with rebranded packaging in Japan


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The Client

Fourflax is a proud family-owned pet supplements company from the heart of Canterbury, New Zealand. The brand has expanded exponentially to 350 stockists throughout New Zealand as well as working with distribution partners in Hong Kong, Australia, China and Japan - with eyes on more markets as demand surges for their Omega 3 rich flax seed products!

The Challenge

To support its growth, Fourflax has rebranded, increased its product range, and expanded into new global markets - particularly by partnering with local distributors. 

Now a year into its rebrand, which is fully rolled out in New Zealand, Fourflax wanted to test the waters in one of its key markets - Japan - to see how the local target consumer base would respond to their new packaging designs versus the original ones. Ahead of a market trip, they also wanted consumer feedback to support conversations with their distributor. 

The Approach

Working with Stickybeak, a local language test was designed and launched to target 25-54 year old Japanese consumers who owned a cat and/or dog. 

The test leveraged comparative (or ‘head-to-head’) methodology to ask consumers if they preferred the ‘new’ or the ‘original’ bottles and pouches, and which logo and brand name they thought was best suited to the New Zealand pet supplements product.

The Result

When the results were in, so was the validation (and confidence that comes with that) that both packaging designs were positively received by the Japanese market. 

Importantly, as Fourflax considers more and more what localising looks like in Japan, they now have feedback from Japanese consumers - summarised into themes thanks to Stickybeak’s generative AI power - on why each design was preferred. From specific design elements to design associations and even whether they preferred real life images of pets or illustrations, the comments will help the team decide how to create a pack design that aligns with the brand, and importantly resonates in the local market.

…and they got all this from just one test in 48 hrs!

“Our first experience with Stickybeak was really great. The team put together a test for us so quickly ahead of an overseas trip to Japan, and the results were ready in our emails by the time we landed in Tokyo! It was a great tool to give us more confidence in our product design and packaging for the Japanese market, and it opened up some conversations with our distributor on what we could be doing differently or better. Thanks Stickybeak!”

Jenna White - Sales & Marketing Director, Fourflax Ltd


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