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Maximising promotions with offer testing


48 hours

Results of the test were back within two days

3 promotional offers

Three offers of the same value were tested with one clear winner preferred by the target customer

Best sales month

190% increase in sales and 130% increase in orders

The Client

James Crisp is an independent company specialising in delivering a total brand representation package, originating in 1916 in New Zealand’s South Island. As well as representing a number of valued international and local manufacturers, they have many successful brands of their own, including Graze, a brand that’s all about good snacks that are as delicious as they are nutritious.

The Challenge

Graze, in its continued ambition to grow, launched an e-commerce offering direct to the consumer in early 2022. With a loyal fan base, sales were tracking well but the team wanted to capitalise on the peak online sales period of Black Friday/Cyber Monday to acquire new customers and accelerate sales. They knew they needed a strong and compelling offer to maximise the short sales period.

The Approach

Using a comparative testing approach, the Graze team tested three key promotional offers that they thought would motivate customers most to buy their enticing snacks. Everyone in the team (including their agency partners) had their favourite… but what would the customer ultimately choose!? A rapid consumer test was completed in less than 48 hours to get target audience feedback.

The Result

While all the offers were the same base value, there was one promotion offer that was a clear winner with their target audience. So good in fact the tested promotion saw a lift of 190% in sales and an increase in orders of over 130%. It was Graze’s largest sales month since launching online.

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“Stickybeak’s consumer testing platform gave us results incredibly quickly and their AI based summary of verbatim feedback supplemented the hard data with really useful anecdotal evidence”

Kylie Tipene

Marketing Manager, James Crisp Foods