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How PR firm Golin used Stickybeak to test creative pitches, and win


3 for 3

3 pitches = 3 wins = 3 well-informed campaigns

3 day turnaround

3 creatives tested with 200 people in each niche market

Landing big ideas

Using data to discuss with the client the relative merits of the ideas

The Client

Golin is one of the most awarded global PR firms, is part of marketing services group IPG and is famous for the quality of its creative work.

The Challenge

Golin has grown an industry-leading planning and Research and Insights team. They like to pitch with two or three solutions to client briefs and then ‘debate them intelligently informed by data’.

But often campaign target audiences are very niche and hard to find, budgets are tight because the agency is usually investing its own money and timelines are ALWAYS incredibly short.

The Approach

Golin used Stickybeak to help them target niche audience groups via Facebook and Instagram to test a range of creative campaign visuals and messages. They were able to target by location, age range, gender, and interest areas, based on their social media activity.

The Result

Pitching is expensive, time consuming and risky and pitching creative solutions is one of the hardest aspects as client reactions are often personal, emotional and binary and so framing the creative solutions with some target consumer research means the resulting conversation is more nuanced and richer and that often means the client appreciates the agency more. Stickybeak can enhance your pitch success rate.

Stickybeak has been particularly good for us in pitch situations or where we need to talk through a big idea with a client. In those cases we go in, not just with some cool ideas, but with some data to discuss with the client the relative merits of those ideas.

One of the things I love about Stickybeak is that every respondent is sourced fresh for my survey and almost certainly answers the poll on their phone while they are doing other things, which to my mind makes their responses that much more unfiltered and so more reliable.

Jonny Bentwood

Global Head of Data and Analytics