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The Client

Founded in 2012, Bluethumb is an online art gallery where art buyers connect with emerging and established artists. Originated in Australia, they are known as the Home of Australian Artists.

The Challenge

Bluethumb was expanding into the USA and knew their tagline ‘Home of Australian Artists’ was likely to not be the strongest message for this market where awareness of indigenous Australian art was low. They needed a clear brand line that worked for their USA customer, as well as positioned them distinctively in the market.

The Approach

Using the Stickybeak comparative testing approach, the Bluethumb team tested four different tagline ideas that the team had brainstormed based on their local market knowledge. The ideas were unique and different to each other, but they needed feedback from their target audience in the United States. Leveraging their successful niche audience targeting in social media, they targeted those interested in a range of art categories on Meta and TikTok.

The Result

In just a couple of days, the team not only had quantitative data on what taglines resonated best, but also feedback on why each line was preferred by the local market. This led to deeper insights around inclusion and diversity that Bluethumb were able to ideate off for future campaign creation and messaging.

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"A Stickybeak tagline test allowed us to both get real data on what our USA target audience preferred (not just the internal team), but importantly why our customer selected the option they did. Not only did this help us understand the audience more deeply, but also allowed us to align the tagline with our core brand values and product positioning".

Edward Hartley, Co-founder and CEO