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How Glow Lab revamped their hair care packaging using Stickybeak


Two markets

Testing in Australia and New Zealand to get clear consumer insights

Consumer feedback

Clear feedback ensured alignment with GlowLab's core values

NPD concepts

New product development support - from product name to pack design

The Client

Glow Lab is a New Zealand-based skincare company offering natural, cruelty-free products. Their range includes cleansers, moisturisers, and serums formulated with botanical extracts to promote healthy, radiant skin. Present in major retail outlets across New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, the UK, China and Hong Kong. Glow Lab consumers globally have been flocking to its transparent approach to product ingredients and sustainability.

The Challenge

In 2023, Glow Lab embarked on reviewing their hair care product suite. Deciding on a new pack design is a lot of pressure with a lot of factors to consider. Front of mind was making sure they led with the claims and key ingredients their consumers cared about the most and that these popped out on shelf.

The Glow Lab team narrowed down the names they were considering to three as well as worked with their design team to come up with a strong new packaging design. With high stakes, they decided to put them to the test with their target consumers to give them an extra boost of confidence.

The Approach

With Stickybeaks testing templates they launched two tests to their Kiwi and Aussie target consumers. The first test asked consumers which name they preferred for a shampoo product for everyday hair health. The always important ‘What’s the main reason for your choice?’ followed straight after.

For the pack designs, consumers were also asked if they’d purchased Glow Lab before. This would be important when analysing the results later to make sure current consumers weren’t alienated by any changes.

Consumers were then shown the current and the proposed new pack designs and asked which one they preferred and why. The test also carefully dug into which ingredients and claims were most influential to their buying decisions.

The Result

When the consumer feedback was in and Glow Lab could see that it had two strong names, the qualitative feedback consumers had given as to why they’d chosen their preferred name came into play. One name suggested ‘all-round care’, another suggested ‘everyday’ and the other had consumers calling out ‘natural ingredients’ and ‘environmentally friendly’. Ultimately, Glow Lab could make their final decision based on what brand association they’d prefer to have.

And for the pack design they were able to compare the Kiwi and Aussie reactions as well as the feedback from current customers and future customers (people who hadn’t bought Glow Lab before). This segmentation helped them make a decision based on retaining existing customers, but also appealing to a new audience.


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