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From home kitchen to category champion: Nutra Organics wins with testing!


Rapid results on multiple tests

Campaign testing including messages, language and ad concepts

1 market

Feedback from parents and non-parents

Brand check

A quick check on brand recall at the end of the test to check they were on the right track

The Client

From starting in their kitchen 25 years ago to nourishing over 1 million people every year, Nutra Organics is an Australian made, sustainably minded, family friendly nutrition leader. From two hippies mixing up superfoods on their kitchen bench for their family and community, to Australia’s most loved health food brand, a focus on people and their needs have always been at the heart of the brands approach

The Challenge

When Nutra Organics was developing its next awareness campaign for the Australian market, it wanted to feel confident in the key messages and visuals, the specific language to use and naturally - ensure strong brand recall. 

It strategically decided to start with gathering insights about its target consumers and testing key messages and language to see what resonated the most in the context of being a health food brand, why and with whom. 

The next challenge would be bringing it all together into creative concepts for testing.

The Approach

Testing iteratively so that each decision could be more informed and consumer centric than the one before, Nutra Organics built a custom test with Stickybeak. It asked consumers which key message resonated with them the most for a health food brand as well as asked which statements best represented what they’d want in a health food brand. Two discreetly, yet powerfully different questions that would help inform the next steps of their campaign development. 

The test went on to comparatively test specific language that would be critical to the success of the overall campaign. For example, ‘Effective results’ versus ‘Ease and convenience’, and ‘Natural’ versus ‘Wholefood’. 

In phase two, Nutra Organics felt confident in its choice of key message and language. So now the next phase was getting feedback on specific ad concepts.

The Result

Within a week, Nutra Organics had completed two rounds of testing: key message and language testing to know which ones to take forward, and overall creative concept testing to see which ad was preferred by whom (in this case parents versus non-parents), and why. And the kicker? They did a quick check on brand recall at the end of the test to check they were on the right track to meet their campaign objectives.

“Stickybeak is a game changer. There’s no need to guess or spend thousands on consumer research when developing major campaigns. Within 48 hours we are able to get objective market feedback on key elements like messaging, USPs and visuals to help ensure we’re creating engaging & effective campaigns.”


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