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How Dole found and surveyed ethical consumers at record speeds


45 minutes

Results were rolling in almost immediately

Two key markets

Respondents were targeted in the USA & UK


Hundreds of ethically conscious consumers surveyed

The Client

A household name in food, Dole is the largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world, operating with 74,300 full-time and seasonal employees who are responsible for over 300 products in 90 countries.

The Challenge

Dole had a great new idea for a sustainability campaign to address food waste and needed rapid insight from “belief driven buyers” to test appeal and potential messaging.

The Approach

Dole used Stickybeak to target consumers based on their connections to ethical brands - a great proxy for “belief driven buyers”. They targeted 300 ethical consumers in the UK and USA - crucial markets for Dole’s sustainability positioning.

The key audience was prompted with an explanation of Dole’s campaign purpose to test its appeal and engagement, before being shown a range of communications framings.

The Result

Dole received instant results from two key global markets. These survey results showed consumers are valuing sustainability ever higher and are prepared to reward brands that share that focus.

Stickybeak opened up remarkable access to an increasingly important and hard-to-reach segment of consumers for Dole. The Stickybeak survey helped confirm our internal confidence in the campaign and was instrumental in providing key customer insights. We just couldn’t have surfaced these as inexpensively, quickly, and easily using anything else out there.

In fact, getting a Stickybeak survey into the field proved so quick and easy, I even wrote and launched one myself as a follow-up - it was a real thrill to see the results roll on in almost immediately!"

Ashvin Subramanyam

Head of Marketing Operations
Dole Asia-Pacific


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