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Test your guess and gain valuable customer insights through social media-powered targeting.

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Need help with launching new products?

Stickybeak can help you reach your target customer to gather insights and test ideas through data-driven social media targeting. Don't wait for your quarterly - or worse -annual brand research results! Get actionable customer insights as you need them to keep you moving forward!

New product discovery

Trying to determine if you're on the right track with your new product idea? Test your thinking with our insights platform.

Product testing

Got a new product idea? Test claims, messages and packaging to make sure it appeals to your target audience with our testing options.

Research support

Need to talk to a research expert to find out where to start? We're here to help!

Create better marketing campaigns

Marketing on new channels, in new markets with new campaigns is tough. And confusing! Stickybeak can help you with both how to set up your campaigns for success and also how to measure your activity to help understand your ROI.

Influencer Testing

Find out which influencer appeals to your target audience before letting them loose with your brand! Don't let measuring success only on clicks, likes and sales damage your credibility and positioning.

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Campaign Testing

Create your brief with confidence by pre-testing your campaign messaging, headlines, offers, images and more. Save creative time and budget - and avoid endless conversations lacking real customer insight!

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